[not my game] a VR RTS game, Red Alert 2 Remake, what do you think?

as the tittle says, Ádám Horváth has attempted to recreate an RTS in HTC Vive, and on top of that, the RTS game was the good old classic red alert 2. (which is my favourite game :smiley: )
honestly, before watching this video, i didnt think much of VR games, but now that i have seen that video all i have to say is OMG, just how powerful is the VR Technology? and how many doors does it open? i guess i have understimated VR.
it is now that i actually believe that, VR might as well change gaming as we know it.
i mean, if you could get RTS to work in a VR enviroment, i cant even begin to imagine what we can do with other genres that are way easier to handle than an RTS.

that video has totally swapped my mind, maybe i guess i’ll crunch through the VR course when i get some time :slight_smile: .

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