Not going near Altar?

Hi, I am surprised to hear MIchael say something like we are not going nowhere near the Altar in the scene so we can keep it low poly… because we are making game assets in this section. My understanding was that we were making assets that can be used for a game in which we can explore the room. Of course there used to be games in which the setting was a 2d image but we are making game assets so I was assuming assets for a real-time 3d engine otherwise we wouldn’t need to worry about LOD etc. Unless a cutscene is planned to interrupt the sequence, I don’t think it is safe to assume where players will be going.

As part of this section you are encouraged to export your model into Unity (or Unreal if you prefer) so keeping it Low-Poly is better. Plus, you’ll be learning a lot about UV Unwrapping and creating textures for your model and the more geometry you have the harder it will be to map them effectively to the texture.

But don’t feel limited by what Michael does in his project. Take the time and create the furniture if you want.

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