Not getting webGL

Hii i am not getting "add component " in my unity hub . In my preffered version . But there is file in my pc of WebGL. How can i connect it to unity.I downloaded it from build webGL slide only.

Hi Divasraj,

Please install Unity. What component are you trying to add?

? .which unity . In which i am making a game is unity naa.?. Or is there something else
I want to publish my game on webGL therefore i want webGL to build and run it.

Install Unity 2018.3. Then go to Files > Build Settings in Unity. Click on WebGL. If the WebGL plugin is installed, leave everything as it is. If it’s not installed, click on the “Download” button.

In Unity, you create a game inside the engine. You are not using Unity for WebGL or Unity for something else, just Unity. WebGL becomes relevant when you want to build your finished game.

I gone to file >build settings >webGl then it says no webGL module loaded ,below it is a button to open download page ,i clicked there ,it downloaded webGL.exe in downloads folder .after that i gone to unity hub and clicked on three dots on my preferd version unity 2018.3.7f1 . But i didnt shows "add component " like in the video it only shows set as prefferd and remove. No option of add component

The Unity Hub is separate from Unity. The Unity Hub probably doesn’t know you download a file thru Unity. To install the WebGL component you will to run the “webGL.exe” file you downloaded when you click the download button from within Unity.

Yess it worked . Thank you.

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