Not finding the Crossplatforminput in my unity 2018.3.0f2

I’m following the course and I just realize there’s no crossplatforminput in my unity. I search for some and I just found 3 with this name in unity website. What should I do?

Hi Ricardo, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Within Unity open the Asset Store window and then search for "Standard Assets", you want the ones created by Unity Technologies. There are two, one is for Unity 4.6, the other is more recent, get the more recent one (it doesn’t mention Unity 4.6 in its description).

The required files are within this, you will see them listed when you import.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey. Thanks for the answer. I just figured out that using Inut.GetAxis(“Horizontal”); works the same way as described in the course. I’m using my third party controller to test the inputs and is working smooth.


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