Not centralised sprites fix

Hi guys! Those, who may be using different sprites, and the sprites do not have character right in the middle might see some kind of strange teleportation while flipping the sprite on X. I think it is caused by mirroring while the caracter is in the left part of the sprite, so he appears in the right part of the sprite after flipping.
So I came up with a fix for that : In the SpriteEditor, use the Custom pivot, and Pivot unit mode set to Pixels. Then adjust the values just so the tiny blue circle is somwhere in the middle part of the character, so it then will be mirroring around this new pivot. I’ll add the image below.

Good tip. You could also not have 48x48 sprite. There’s a lot of unnecessary space around those sprites up there.

It just happened that there are also some sprites with some VFX like pistol shot, etc. So perhaps the author decided to do it like so. Don’t know how to be with that yet, but i’ll consider shrinking the sprite to something like 32x32 in the future. Thanks for the advice!

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