Normalized Vectors

Having some trouble understanding why this is needed. I get that (0,5,0) normalized would equal (0,1,0) but why do we need that here? Or was it just to show us what normalization is? I found this explanation, and I kind of get what it can be used for, but why here?

Could you give the context of the question?

Hey thanks for getting back to me. I forgot to mention that I was asking about normalized vectors. So if I have a line that is (0, 5, 0), if it were normalized it would be (0,1, 0) right? So what is the purpose of this? In the lesson at 11:42, you or Ben normalized the vector and say it’s easier to deal with. In what way? I’m working through the other answers. I saw your message to use the Udemy Q/A so I’ll use that. I thought it said somewhere to ask questions here.

Because I might want to multiply it by a number such as the jumpSpeed. If I don’t normalise, the result will not be the right lengthe.

Ah ok I get it now. Thanks

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