Normal Strength

For those of you using normal maps I found a video that shows a handy technique you can do to adjust your normal strength and get a result more like this.

My material is pretty much the same as Mikes except for this section.
The BreakOutFloat3Components node breaks out the red, green, and blue channels so that you can perform operations on them individually. The Scalar parameter named NormalStrengthInt controls the normal strength by adding to the red and green channels, and subtracts from the blue channel. Afterwards recombine those three channels into a Float3 with the MakeFloat3 node. The result is multiplied by the normal texture sample, and then put into the normal output of the material result.

This is a 1k texture.


Thank you for this! This helps a lot! :smiley:

No problem, thanks for the reply.

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Do you happen to have a link to the video you mentioned? Would be great to check it out if it is on a free hosting like YouTube (don’t want you to get in trouble if it is a paid for service and sharing the video :slight_smile: )

Here is the link on Youtube.

Its actually a tutorial on grass, I was watching it for one of my other projects.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing @ManlyDr3w_2

I found one that was similar but it had no discussion, just some bad music over Unreal Engine. Nothing you could really learn from.

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