Normal Maps only /cracked earth


And again, spent much more time then probably should . But I can`t help it …
I enjoy doing stuff and they not ready until I say they are.

Done Monkey a little bit different . In the Shading did change the scale at Mapping as : 1 /10 /1 . (done mistake first by adding a zero, and I did like it so kept it! )

All Objects have only the texture and the normal of the Cracked earth that we been using.

Was fun creating shapes and moving them ,spinning them :smiley: ,added colours and adjusted here and there.

As you can see ended up adding more than just simply the objects with textures .
Played a bit with lights! turned out quite nice :slight_smile:

Take a peek !




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Look great as do the containers!

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Thanks again :slight_smile: . Funny how this turned out…really unplanned gift-shop like setup hahah. You can buy some special stones from the Moon :stuck_out_tongue:

A really good use of objects and materials/maps :slight_smile:

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