Normal Map Issues (Seam +Something Else)


I blender, the seams don’t show, but in Unreal Engine 4 they are very apparent.

Also, I cannot figure out what is going on with the boots. Ray Distance and Cage Extrusion have no effect on them. They’re just yellow.

At this point, I’m considering just not using normal maps. A cleanly textured, blobby character is better than one with seams and artifacts all over.

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No idea about Unreal it is a different system that has its own materials system as I understand it.

How well does the low poly fit the high on the boots? Ir would seem they all being yellow implies a different fit than the rest of the item.

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Well, I manually retopo’d the boots, along with the rest of the body, with surface snapping on. It should be close enough to the same I’m pretty sure.

I assume you have checked something like the boots do not have flipped normals?

Yes, I have. But good looking out. Have made that mistake plenty before.

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Umm. Are the boots part of the main mesh or a separate item added to the one character map?

I got it working.

  • Entered Edit Mode on the High Poly
  • Selected all & separated by lose parts
  • Joined Boots via boolean (rather then ctrl J)
  • Flipped Normals again (because it does love sneakily flipping those any chance it gets)
  • Baked again with same settings as before

Thanks for your help!

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