Noise in my animated lamp rendering

I rendered my animated lamp with 300samples with cycle, but there is so much noise in the rendering. How can I get rid of the noise?/uploads/db2322/original/3X/a/1/a1b4172bc851c0fcaf1b1f7ce47fc23a8a58863e.mp4

have a look over this, might give you some tips. I know that some have definitely helped me i the past.

Thanks for the reply, I will check it out

no worries, hope it helps


What version of Blender are you using?

If you’re using the latest version v2.79 (Can be downloaded from It has a ‘denoiser’ check box under the Render layers tab.
This automatically gets rid of noise / fireflies and helps speed ups the renders. Another way is to increase the ‘Clamping Indirect’ value to 3. This can be found in the ‘Sampling’ section in the render tab.

Hope this helps.


I’m using 2.78, but I’ll download 2.79 and checkout your suggestion. Thanks.

And by the way, I found out that it was emmisive mesh I used for the lamp bulb causing the noise, when I have it turned off, the noise goes off completely, when I have the strength reduced to around 10, the noise is barely noticeable, but it doesn’t provide the amount of brightness I want

My suggestion: remove this emissive material light source (bulb imitqtion) and leave just a spotlight. It is what creates those white fireflies. I`ve personally used spot lamp object. Check my render. It is 500 samples.
Yes, emissive materials gives more realistic shading but it reqires a lot of computing power. Also, all the complicated glossy/transparent materials are heavy.

Thanks, I’ve decided to remove the emissive material. Right now I don’t think I know how to handle emissive materials well. Maybe when I’m more professional.

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