Node test

I’m still having a hard time with these. I still need to play with this a little more to understand this more. But I’m going to move on for now.


You got this! Nodes are the future!

I use nodes in Rhino CAD and DaVinci Resolve - can’t go back to layers, etc. What I love about nodes is that it is so much easier to follow the logic of why things happen and where. Nodes work extremely well for larger projects. Or when I revisit an older project, and have no idea what I did 1 year ago - the structure helps a lot :smiley:


I definitely see the potential in it. Not only in colouring and texturing things. It’s just a matter of playing with it enough to know what each thing does. Right now it feels like its a mysterious magic that I’m not quite sure how to work out. lol, I don’t think I’ll ever give up things like texture painting all the way. But I’m looking forward to adding this to my skills.

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