No XrButtonInteractable

So the “XrButtonInteractable " doesnt auto complete for me.
Also i can’t find in the Scripting API documentation.
i was wondering if anybody else had that problem.
I made it work with the " XRBaseInteractable”.

It is part of the XR Toolkit. You need to ensure that you add the following in your file. XRBaseInteractable doesn’t offer the same functions as the UI Button does.

using UnityEngine.XR.Interaction.Toolkit;

I made sure that i have the right includes and that VS 2022 has the right tools imported. It still doesent auto complites and typing it out gives an error.

The only reason then that it would fail to work is something is missing from your setup. Are you using Unity 2023.1 and have the XR Interaction Toolkit package installed in your project?

For this project i use Unity 2023.1.9f1. I installed the 2.4.3 version of the XR interaction toolkit.
That’s why its so weird because so far everything in this course was smooth sailing regarding the XR interaction toolkit.

Have you checked your code against end of lecture?

The current toolkit version is 2.5.2 and I have 2.5.1 on my machine. Can you share the build error please that you see in the console within Unity.

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