No Widget Ready Node 4.12.5

I Have discovered that there is no widget ready node in 4.12.5 I cant find it no matter what I do. I tried turning context sensitivity off but no luck.

The Event Construct node seems to work in its place. I think its new as the Event Construct is not visible on bens screen in the video!

I think we create “widget ready” as a custom event. You might want to rewatch the steps before :slight_smile:

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It’s not new, IIRC Ben deleted those two nodes, but like @GamedevCala said, “Widget Ready” is a custom event that was created.

I have same problem as Andre
I create a Custom Event (“Widget Ready”) in the MainMenu_BP
but I can’t retrieve a reference to that Custom Event in the Level Blueprint

(earlier on it could see a reference, but only as a “Class” and not a function, now even that has disappeared)

on another note I used Open Level (and not Quit Game) for the Quit input event to open the MainMenu map (UI) again !


Remember to compile the blueprint where you create the custom event. I don’t know if that will fix it, but you will have to anyway.

I managed to fix it eventually

In the MainMenu map Level Blueprint add a “Class > Main Menu BP > Widget Ready” (untick Context Sensitive)
This requires a target which I finally figured out is the Return Value from the Create (Main Menu BP) Widget

I don’t know if this was the intended result
however when I start the game now, the viewport already has focus
so I only require one click to start (load BattleGround), whereas before it would be one click just to gain focus first.

Just realised that Andre suggested Event Construct which seems to work perfectly too, so thanks !

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