No Time Tourist - Argon Assault Idea

“What NoTimeTourist loves the most, is posting pictures of his adventures on FaceTablet and see the Likes roll in. But to post a lot, you’ve gotta shoot a lot! Help NoTimeTourist snap pictures of amazing worlds and dodge those pesky photo-bombers. But quickly, every second wasted is a Like missed!”

This is a chaotic parody game:). Gameplay wise I am just going to follow along with the course, but I’ll be using different assets. If the time is there I also will try to make some of the buildings myself with Umodeler.

A concern I have is that my first idea was to use sights and scenes from the real world in a exaggerated way. But I also want to show people then and I’m not sure when it will become racist or offensive to people. So now I’m thinking of having NoTmeTourist quickly warp to different (fantasy) worlds/ Time periods.

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