No project in resources

I cannot find the project in the lesson resources.

Am I looking in the wrong place or is there something missing here?

Which course and lecture? (If you tagged this topic, it didn’t come through).

GoDot Shader course.

Where you should Download the sample project.

I added a “Godot” tag for others to spot this and get a hint on what the thread is about. I’ve identified the appropriate lecture(s) and sent it up the chain.

You can always download the project using the “lecture changes” link in the lecture of the course. To download the project through that method, click the link to go to the gitlab page for the lecture then click “browse files”. Then you’ll see a “code” button that will give you options for how you want to download the project. See below:


I actually still don’t see anything. At least the actual issue is in motion now =)

Woops, forgot to hit save! (remember to save often!)

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That’s where I’ve grabbed it from in the meantime.

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