No preview window?

my gimp dies not have the little preview window on top of the actual canvas. Can anyone show me how to put it on?

I am new to GIMP (normally uses Photoshop but wants to learn more about GIMP) so my advice might not be the best or most practical. If you played around with the interface and/or changed preferences, you might have accidentally changed something where the thumbnails don’t show. I couldn’t find anything in preferences or on the top menus that might help. So, you might try resetting GIMP to default and see if that helps but, you will probably have to set-up your work space again.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

that didnt work. I basically dont have a preview window on top of the images like the video. been searching the internet and i just simply dont know what its called so i cant find anything.

What version of Gimp do you have? The one suggested in the course? You might try reinstalling Gimp. Or, downloading the newest version. I am afraid I didn’t have much figuring out what it was called either when I went to search for it.

I’ve just asked this question in the Q & A thing - it seems to be related to being in single-window mode. I preferred the split window look, and after a bit of playing around I found a dockable window called "Images"
It does kinda the same thing, and you can obviously dock it where you want
Hope this helps?

Unfortunately, not only do you lose the preview thumbnail in split window - every file you open goes to a default place, that you can’t appear to change, which in my case is my other monitor (technically my laptop screen)
So, even though it gives you a choice, in reality you lose more than you gain from having it in split-window.


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