No Overlap events

I can’t seem to get any overlap events from the trigger on the statue stand. I’ve got Generate Overlap events checked on the statue and Trigger and the statue is inside the trigger but GetOverlappingActors is always returning an empty array. what the heck did I do wrong? how could I troubleshoot?

Is that when it’s starting in there? If it is, is it also not working when it’s not?

Thanks Dan, I figured it out when I continued with the lesson. The Mobility on the statue had gotten reset back to Static instead of Movable somehow and then for whatever reason it doesn’t detect the overlap correctly. Probably static objects don’t run any overlap events, that would make sense.

Its weird, sometimes some recent properties I edited get lost between runs of UE. Have to remember to go back and check things.

That suggests you aren’t building with Unreal closed before you re-open it if you used Live Coding.

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