No other enemy ?!

I had followed the lecture twice and the code is correct but only one wave appears also the path to be changed it has to be removed from the path folder and reimported with the new setting. What was my mistake??? thanks for help

Don’t suppose you have a zip of your project handy, or your spawner code and screenshots of your prefabs?

Attached is the zipped individual files for security google wouldn’t allow me to send the project zipped file ?

Thanks for help.

Kamel Alkateb

05 (13.6 KB)

03 (5.38 KB)

01 (4.26 KB)

02 (9.94 KB)

I’ll take a look at it shortly.

Make sure each wave object has at least 1 enemy prefab bound to it. Not sure if that link was broken by the way I pulled in the files or if you maybe renamed the variable at some point and it dumped all the links in your scriptable objects.

I will look at these issue or build it again from the grounds up and let you know Thanks :wink:


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