No noticeable effect

Sorry, I cant tell the difference @ 144 samples.
With Out Portal:

With portal:

He does state in the videos, that when he did the test later it seemed to not make much of a difference either.

:smiley: I try and do the challenges as issued and then watch the solution to get maximum blender gains.

Same. I did three differently portaged renders and they all looked the same.

Was the render time the same or faster with portals?

A little slower, and the quality still wasn’t that much better. :slight_smile:

  1. Max gains ftw
  2. What are your world settings to have such a nice light blue fade out the window?

I might be able to help here. My cathedral scene uses a similar sky texture. You can set it up in the ‘World’ properties window:

Here’s what mine looks like (note the strength is 20%, so your mileage will vary):

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