No longer need help

ā€‹I got my (that round thing that you use when you want to create mesh at specific place) stuck to those green, blue and red arrows. So when I left click somewhere those arrows goes along with it. I restarted Blender, but it did not solve my problem. What should I do?

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This has happend to me alot to, all you have to do is change the pivot point.

If you look to the right of the button where you change the viewport shading
(the one with a little white ball) there is a button with a little crosshair icon, click on that and you can chang the pivot point to median point or any of the others.

The pivot point is basically the point you rotate/scale around, and also where you see the arrows.
Hope you understood my explanation, Iā€™m terrible at trying to explain things so :joy:


Yay! Thank you so much! it helped!

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