No log from RequestDirectMove (tried resetting eye height and making nav mesh 400 high, no help)

I’m getting absolutely no output from the log message in TankMovementComponent

void UTankMovementComponent::RequestDirectMove(const FVector& MoveVelocity, bool bForceMaxSpeed)
	//No need to call super() as we're replacing the functionality
	auto VelocityString = MoveVelocity.ToString();
	auto Name = GetOwner()->GetName();
	UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("%s Requesting move: %s"), *Name,*VelocityString);

I’ve checked the Camera’s Base eye height setting in Tank_BP and it’s set to 64
I’ve increased the Z scale of the NavMeshBoundsVolume to 400
my player and 2/3 AI tanks are inside the volume
moving the player tank does not help
shooting AI tanks does not help
AI tanks have the movement component attached to them
I’ve tried cleaning and rebuilding the battle tank project in VS
I’m using UE Version: 4.15.1-3348071+++UE4+Release-4.15

After messing around for a few hours trying to remove traces of files over 100MB from git, so that I could push to GitHub, I suceeded, here’s my repository

(FYI solution here: FYI had no report from RequestDirectMove as well (solved with eye height/nav mesh height) )

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