No Life when starting game

This was working like a week ago. Now I get no lives when I play my game.

Here is my code from the main menu

using System.Collections;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using UnityEngine;

using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

using TMPro;

using System;

public class MainMenu : MonoBehaviour


[SerializeField] private TMP_Text highScoreText;

[SerializeField] private TMP_Text lifeText;

[SerializeField] private int maxLife;

[SerializeField] private int lifeRechargeDuration;


[SerializeField] private AndroidNotificationHandler androidNotificationHandler;


private int life;

private const string LifeKey = "Life";

private const string LifeReadyKey = "LifeReady";


public void Play()


   if(life < 1){return;}

    // decrease one life because we are playing

    life --;


if(life == 0)


    DateTime lifeReadyFromNow = DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(lifeRechargeDuration);


    //This will only do this for android


        // The Notification is beeing sent







private void Start()


   int highScore = PlayerPrefs.GetInt(ScoreSystem.HightScoreKey,0);

   highScoreText.text = $"Your High Score is: {highScore}".ToString();

   life = PlayerPrefs.GetInt(LifeKey,maxLife);

   Debug.Log($"{life} TEST");

   //see if life is out then set the durration for a new life.

   if(life == 0)


     string lifeReadyString = PlayerPrefs.GetString(LifeReadyKey,string.Empty);


     // see if the string is really empty

     if(lifeReadyString == string.Empty){

        Debug.Log($"you have {life} many lives");


        } // this should not happen, just a check.

        //Take a string and changing it to an int fro a time.

        DateTime lifeReadyTime =  DateTime.Parse(lifeReadyString);

        if(DateTime.Now > lifeReadyTime)


            life = maxLife;




   lifeText.text = $"Play ({life})";



Disregard I found the solution
in my code Here:
string lifeReadyString = PlayerPrefs.GetString(LifeReadyKey,string.Empty);

there was no space between the “,” and string.Empty.
it should be
string lifeReadyString = PlayerPrefs.GetString(LifeReadyKey, string.Empty);

such a small thing threw everything off.

Thank you.

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