No interactions between the character and rotation platforms

Hi all,

I have a weird result with my Obstacle Assault project: my character is not interacting with rotating platforms. He collides correctly with moving platforms and pushing cubes, but his legs go through rotating platforms and he can stay in position, just like there were no rotating platforms at all.

I made the rotating platform blueprint from the Moving Platform C++ class, like for the moving platform and the pushing cube.

I have compared point by point the details of the pushing cube and the rotating platform (both blueprints and meshes details), to see if I didn’t change by mistake something about physics or collisions, but there are identical, modulo their velocity / rotation velocity vectors.

I made a short video to illustrate my problem (yes, my character is in his underwear):

Any help is welcome!

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OK, found it: I was using the wrong mesh (SM_Platform_M) with collision prims at 0. I realized that when I switched to the player collision view. The mesh with collision prims at 1 is SM_Platform_M_A.

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