No Details Listed In Custom Static Mesh

Preface I’m using UE 5.1.1

So I went through the steps of creating the static mesh from all my BSP brushes, but when I open it from the content drawer the details pane is completely blank, there is absolutely nothing listed there. Did I do something wrong or miss something?

Because of this I am unable to edit any of the collision settings.

Hi Dozam,

Apologies for the late response. If you’re still having this issue can you share a screenshot just so I know exactly what you’re seeing?

I was able to get the issue resolved, but I am experiencing a new issue that has Delayed my learning.

I stepped away from the project when I had this original issue, and the game was working fine. But, upon coming back I’ve encountered an issue that is leaving me scratching my head. When I go to play my game the game state is totally different from the state it should start in (what is in the editor). In the editor I have everything set up; with the ball on one side of the maze and the exit on the other. Now when I start the game the ball spawns on the exit…I’m totally confused, because I can’t think of any way this could be happening. My blueprint is exactly as it is in the tutorial, only having keyboard and mouse control elements.

Any help on figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Dozam,

This issue feels like something that would be better handled if I could directly look at your project. If you compress your project folder into a zip file and then upload it using this form then I can take a look and show you what changes you need to make to fix the problem.

Thanks Dozam,

I’ve taken a look at your project and I see two things:

  1. The rotation for your maze in the level has it’s Yaw (Z-Axis) set to 180.

  2. In your level blueprint, you are setting the rotation of that maze to 0 in that same Yaw (Z-Axis)

What this means is that, once you hit play, your maze is actually doing a super fast 180-degree turn which happens to line up the ball with the exit hole almost perfectly. As far as solutions go I have two suggestions:

  1. Change the rotation of the maze in your level so that Yaw is 0, you’ll want to change the location of the ball so that it’s starting position is appropriate for your project

  2. Change the Make Rotator node in your level blueprint so that the Yaw is 180 instead of 0

Either option works here, though one is a little more work than the other. I’m personally fond of option #1 because then you don’t have to worry about that offset if you decide to make changes later.

So I went and did as suggested, but now I’m having some other issues:

  1. For starters, after rotating the maze and moving the ball physics/gravity isn’t working as one would anticipate. The ball just doesn’t appear to be rolling as one would expect. I think that is why I had it rotated.

  2. I’m getting the following error message after running the game and closing:
    “Trying to simulate physics on ‘’/Game/UEDPIE_0_Main.Main:PersistentLevel.StaticMeshActor_6.StaticMeshComponent0’’ but it has ComplexAsSimple collision.”
    What does this mean and how can I fix it? Also I’m really confused as I followed the video exactly and it didn’t mention anything about this. I suspect this may be a version issue since I’m using UE 5 and the video is using what I suspect is UE 4.

  3. I have the static mesh and the ball set to simulate physics, but for some reason the ball isn’t interacting with the maze now. The ball just sits there and when I move the maze it passes through the walls. What could be causing this and how can I fix it?


1 & 3 are solved by the same fix, unfortunately there’s an error with the lecture warning about physics in UE 5. You’ll want to go into the blueprint for the ball and check “Generate Wake Events” in the details panel, best way to find is to use the search bar like so.

You don’t need to set the maze to simulate physics which is where I’m assuming you’re getting that warning (I’m not seeing it in the copy of your project you sent me) and you’d get that warning in UE 4 as well.

As for the confusion, using UE 5 instead of UE 4 will bring about some confusion. Marble Run (this section) is likely the most confusing due to the physics changes. But the next two sections match more closely in behaviour between UE 4 and UE 5.

One last thing I’ll point out. After play-testing your maze for a bit I’ve noticed that the ball will go through the floor if you move the maze quickly, this happens with collisions if the mesh of one object is too thin. And looking at the floor of your maze it would appear that is the case. If you want to fix this then your two options are to remake your maze with a thicker floor in Brush Editing mode or try editing the mesh in Modeling mode, I recommend Editing mode as that should already be familiar that how that tool works and the output of BSP meshes does not place nice for editing in modeling mode.

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