No Definition for "Stop" Function found in Mover.cs Script

I have included a screen grab of the error and my code. I am confused as to why the Fighter script is saying the Mover script has not defined Stop. I have created a public function for stop and I called the correct NameSpace. What am I missing?

For future code pastes, please paste the text rather than a screenshot, to make it more readable.

This looks like a case where Unity hasn’t caught up to the changes in the code. (This happens from time to time).
Make sure that your Visual Studio Code plugin in the Unity’s Package Manager is up to date.
Close Unity and Visual Studio Code, being sure to save your files.

Come back in to Unity and see if the code compiles correctly.

If it doesn’t, it will want to go into “Safe Mode”… ignore this, exit Unity and delete the Library folder in your project and restart Unity again.

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Of course Sorry about that! I will remember that.

I did the following and it resolved the issue. Thank you so much!

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