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I bought the Unreal engine C++ bundle, but I cannot access any of the courses inside which was said it is in the bundle (4 to be precise). Is this a bug or did I interpret the bundle wrongly somehow? Or some other reason.

Welcome to our community @KaraHere,

There shouldn’t be a bug as I have purchased a bundle myself. Make sure you received a receipt, then from what I can suggest is to:

  • Try completing it (there should be one course with one lecture)
  • Reload the page, take a look in My Courses again
  • Try signing out, wait a moment or two & sign in back again
  • Otherwise you can report it with your receipt

Give it a stab

Hey thanks. I rechecked now, its working now somehow. I just had to wait for a bit I think. Excited to learn and share what I create.

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We’d love to see what you come up with.
Wish you a great experience with the GameDev community

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