No convert to mesh

cant follow blue print lessons due to volume brush to mesh convert not showing in menu ?

even tried installing 4.20.3 so version is exact same as tutor but still i dont get the menu option to convert to mesh so i cant continue with the course? did report this 3 days ago dint get any feed back ? so is this a known issue ? how can i get this to work or just show how i can contiinue without this option. thx.

It worked for me , scrolling down in the “Details Panel” and as shown in the Video , there’s the Option - Create Static Mesh.
I am using UE4.22.3

If you need a visual from my Perspective of this part , I can share it.
It Might help you.

thx i already found it after deleting watch dogs 2 to make room for the exact same u.r.e. version as the turtor uses still wasnt under the right mouse then after another google found you had to click an arrow in the details window to reveal the convert to mesh option ;( wasted alot of time and some game saves. :wink: thx for the helpfull reply anyway.