No collision on doors after resetting the Unreal project

Hello all.

Just share with you what happened to me after resetting the Unreal project as described in lesson “76. Resetting Your Unreal Project”.

I found that the doors, even when closed, did not stop my player from getting out of the room.

Turning to the “Player Collosion” view mode, my doors no longer appear purple as before.

Seems that the collision volume of the door has been lost in the process and the player does not collide with it.

How to amend this?

I followed the instructions of lesson “66. Using Collision Volumes” to restore the collision volume from the SM_Door object.

Hope it helps.
Ramón Gil Moreno.

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This is because adding the collision mesh to the door is done on the door in the StarterContent directory, which is ignored by the .gitignore file that’s created at the beginning of the section. Locally, I fixed this by creating a copy of the door and using that in my scene after making changes to it, which means it’s always under source control.

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I see. Thanks very much for clarifying.

Hm, but that doesn’t really make sense. Even if we’re ignoring the StarterContent in git, it shouldn’t disappear by resetting the project and deleting the temporary folders. We didn’t touch the Content-folder, so the changes should still be there.

But they’re not, meaning the changes were actually in one of the “temporary” folders we deleted? Or am I missing something?

Digging in a bit, it seems that when Unreal recreates the project, it also copies the StarterContent again, overwriting any changes made to it.

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Thanks for clarifying that Anders, I had exactly the same problem.

So the suggested solution is that we just have to create duplicates of the SM_Chair and M_Chair material, make our changes to this and add this new chair?

Thank you. Fixed my problem.

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