No 'Build' folder even after building in vs2017

Hi guys, I am following the .gitignore video. But mine is quite different and i’ve been struggling for a while to try to make sense of it.

Firstly I didn’t get a ‘Build’ folder even after right-click the Games folder in VS2017 and clicking Build.

Also, I have no ___.VC.db file, instead I found after searching online they are inside .vc folder, but in there I have many files (well 6 to be precise.)

I also read about the build folder… Someone said to ‘Package Project’ from within UE4. This kind of worked for me to get a built version of the game at my desired location, and also a ‘Build’ folder appeared in the project folders BUT it is only a few kb.

Can I gitignore the entire .vc folder? And is it normal now that I don’t get the Build folder until after I package project in UE4?

Thanks for any help or advice :smiley:

  1. Build is generated when you build a standalone game, it doesn’t matter that you don’t have it now you just don’t want it in your repo if/when it does because you don’t want to track those changes.
  2. All of Visual Studio’s generated files have moved .vs which you should ignore.
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thank you for the concise answer. I worked a bit further through it and understand now.

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