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so i was having a problem where you would type FV and nothing would pop up, or put down one of the functions where we could see that list of things we could use. well, i dont have that option

i seen the other guys post on something that sounded similar, so i went to tools, and refreshed the C++ stuff…still doesnt work. you know how when your inside the ( ) of a function and vsc is like…we want a float, then a int, then a bool…how do i get those back? cause right now it just stays blank. and if it wasnt for this person telling me what things to put inside, i wouldnt know

it seems you have to restart VSC for the changes to take effect?

restarted vsc and it works now

You should only need to do Tools > Refresh VS Code project within Unreal whenever you add new files.

i know and i get that, but vsc was acting buggy after refreshing. instead of using tab to indent, when you pressed tab it went down to problems. pressed tab again it would go to the output section. and when i hovered over a function, i still got no pop up. so i restarted vsc, because i remember someone saying it can be weird sometimes.

after that i was able to indent using tab, and see the box when hovering over a function. but now im getting a problem where the green text inside vsc, is no longer green on some stuff. for example.




thats the small things that throw my personal squirrel called adhd into chaos. i get what they are, but the wrench comes into the fact that ones green and ones yellow. or how the fstring is white. i see that and my squirrel has to wonder why

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