NGL I'm super irritated right now

I just spent an hour+ troubleshooting and even removed my second sequence because I thought creating a second one and using the same brain was causing issues. Instead of specifying a collider for the trigger we put other collider and my collider was clipping into the ground a bit. I had turned off play on awake and it just kept playing on awake.

Fun times.

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Oh noo :frowning: , so it was colliding because of the overlap , rather than the play on awake?

Must have taken ages to figure out. I normally just go paranoic and start placing debug messages everywhere in my code so I know what’s happening.

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Exactly what happened haha. Then after all that time and fixing it on my own, they gave the solution I was looking for in the next video haha.

But hey, the things we break are the ones that we learn the more about. :slight_smile:


Oh jeez I know. Luckily didn’t break much today so it was a nice walk through the scene management section haha.

i feel ya!
I personally find Unity’s animation and timeline stuff incredibly finnicky. You have to click on just the right objects in the right order, you can lose animation key frames, editing them is a nightmare. It’s exhausting.

Thanks for commenting on your issue here, I think it may have saved me a lot of time investigating. I was facing the same problem where I had not pulled my collider above the ground and the cutscene was being triggered at exactly run time, just like if “Play on awake” was still enabled. Your solution fixed the problem immediately.

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