Next new 3 Objects (roomscene) and My first Extra Objects, an easel and some other objects I have found in my studio



I have found this objects in my studio and started modelling. I am not a fan of car modelling, but this little toy car was not so intimidating, so I give it a try…I took care of the clock: no more than 60 minutes for every model…


Today I have repeated this exercise with new 3 extra objects, combined in a small scene to see if I have improved my modeling skills in the last 4 days. I have challenged myself with a difficult small table and a room. The vase isn´t so good…But I like the result of my 3 objects challenge. I have experienced in these scene with the subsurf modier, beveled a lot of edges, worked with curves (table legs). I used inset individuals ( ii )at modeling the walls.


Awesome work! :+1::+1:


thank you, soffstoff! :slight_smile:


my first one of the next three objects… I love this challenging exercice… Unfortunately I haven´t enough time for modeling because my holidays are over and I have to work a lot this week…

My first try of a fork. Looks ugly. Without reference. I will try again.

I haven´t got much time at the moment (because of work), but everyday I try to spend 30 minutes on blender nethertheless. This time I have tried a house with some difficulties concerning the roof.


worked on the normals and windows and lighting


Really nice work guys :slight_smile:



still exercising, today a 15 minutes chair.


another exercise, still life, 1 hour

experiments with lightings

30 min modeling

experimenting with shapes, trying to model details of my armchair (lifemodeling without photos or reference sketches)

playing with free forms


Woooah! Nice models there. I hope I can do something like that some day.
Btw, I think you have to flip normals on your house, seems kinda odd some faces.
c yaa


Thanks for your comment, Siej and for your hints about flipping normals. I will check them.


First time I feel a little bit proud and happy about my Blender progesses. This evening I have modelled a little house with light inside. I love modeling architecture!:joy:

I didn´t work with curves, only with bevel.


experiments with challenging forms… the topology isn´t correct, but it is a small result…

First I made a path, then I made some changes to him. In Curves I beveled him and than I gave him a curve modifier (difficult ;((, first try).


I love making buildings. This is a test for a steel-window with glass… I have used the wireframe modifier and because I wanted only a few loopcuts I seperated the front of the house.




I have tried to model a table for a dollhouse…


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