Next 30 days commitment


For the next 30 days I will,

  • Write out my available free time every week(this includes my travel time to and from work as well as my breaks at work.
  • On my off days from work I will blocked out time to work on TImeRIft(My current project and will be my first game released to the market), 3 hour blocks, 2 blocks if times allows.
  • During my short periods of free time(usually only 1 hour), I am going follow tutorials or courses to further increase my game development skills, rest if needed.
  • The remaining free time, I can play games or do whatever I want.

I have taken this course at the perfect time. I was looking for this very thing. I have found that VNT has been a huge help and now with scheduling my available time. I know I will learn to be more productive in completing my games. I have a lot planned so, my time needs to be used effectively. (Which includes taking a rest, you can’t be productive with out some breaks. :smile: )

I hope everyone will continue to find passion for games. There is so much coming in the future of gaming and technology. See you all there.


We’re 18 days in and coming on a weekend.

How are things going? Have you written out your plan for next week yet?