New way to do Proxy in Blender 2.83

when you create in the original file all Objects related to the elements as Collections, meaning the Wall with the Door has a Collection which includes all original elements without Merging or Apply Modifiers to them, just the original elements.
now, when you arrange each Object as Collection with all it elements and import the Collection as Linked you will have a Collection in the new Blender file and you can Duplicate the imported new Collection, scale it, rotate it, move it and any other transformation without the need to do “Make Proxy”.
each update in the original Blender file will update the Linked file.
you will see only Collections and you will enjoy better way to work without the internal elements spread around and messed up.



I also like doing it this way. You maintain maximum capability to edit in the original file. The only downsides I have noticed:

  • you can’t apply modifiers to the linked collection (like an array, for example, would be useful sometimes)
  • you can’t turn the linked object into a local object, I don’t think

I’m not an expert on it, though, and maybe there are ways around these problems, but overall I think it’s the most practical way.


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Interesting different ways. I must admit I suspect as game assets sort of thing is not an area of my interest I take no real notice of linking from outside files just too much of a faf about. I want an old asset in a new file I just append it fully in. Then what you do not use you tend to forget about! lol


It’s nice for building more complex scenes too. I used this method for my Dark castle, Viking PPE and laboratory scenes because it’s easier to edit the individual models in their own files.

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I just hide everything in the way. lol.
Though I can see that as I end up with a variety of models that may be reusable in new projects, I may have to go through and copy many objects out into their own files, individually named. From which to append from. :grin:

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