New updates make video hard to follow

So of course every software we’ve used has updates and those updates changed many things including the look of the software and where folder and files are placed in the folder directory. For one, I’m on Unreal engine 4.17 instead of 4.10 like in the video but luckily Unreal hasn’t changed much in terms of look but it did change where the .VC.db file is located. In the video it showed it was just out there with the Saved and Binaries folders but now it’s in its own folder called .vs. SourceTree has changed however in terms of look. It looks slightly different than in the video and when it comes to the .gitignore file you don’t have to put the / after the *. So for example to ignore Saved folder I put in *Saved/. You only need the / at the end to ignore the folder and I’m not even sure if the * will work for ignoring all the folders in the directory with that name. I just know that putting / after the * like so */Saved/ will not ignore the folder.

Hope this proves useful to somebody and if anyone has more updated information we would love to hear. Have a great day everyone.

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Appreciate the heads up!

I also have a problem with these updates. I could not create a Git out of the Unreal Project with SourceTree and endet up creating the Git with Github Desktop and then opening up the Git with SourceTree. However, SourceTree still has some issues connecting to Github, so I for now just use the local version. When creating the gitignore file, in Ben’s video it is shown empty until he puts in the folders. Actually, my gitignore file that was created by Github Desktop was not empty but already contained a lot of file types, e.g. *.exe so maybe it is not even necessary any more to put in the folders as these folders contain certain file types that already are ignored. I have to say I am amazed that I even got this far regarding the pace of software innovation.

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