New unity courses


Is the team still together?
Are there any new courses for Unity being created?

Great work so far, would love to see more advanced courses.


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I have always wondered the same thing, but I would recommend trying the RPG course, because that has advanced topics. Even the multiplayer or turn based strategy course could level up your knowledge.

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Hi @Christopher_Powell,

I am currently doing the RPG course, but I can already see it was done a while ago. (I don’t mind)
Finished the third person combat.

I will try the turn based combat after though.

My question is if there is stuff being created, is still actively producing, @Lucy_Becker or @Rick_Davidson might know?

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Oh I see, well if you finish all 4 of the Rpg courses, and turn based strategy, then you’ll probably already pretty advanced with unity… If Game doesn’t make a more advanced course here’s what is recommend:

1.Figure out something you don’t know
2. Fund a tutorial on YouTube related to that
3. Chances are, if you don’t know a broader topic, there’s code or terminology you wouldn’t know as well

For example, I don’t know Turn based stuff(unless it’s just rotating).

Then I find a YouTube tutorial
(game dev TV has one, but this is an example)

Within this tutorial, I may find smaller things I didn’t know exist, but could still level up my game.

Hope this helps!

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I will move this to Unity not Blender talk.

Was it on blender talk before?

Yes, or I would never have seen it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh lol, I dunno why that would be on blender talk lol, must have been a mistake🤣

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