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I’m new to and im really happy to have join this groupe. I’ve started programming for fun and currently im taking the ultimate RPG pack. I’m really positive about it but i was wondering something.

I took several courses befor on Udemy and also tookUnity JR.Programmer. Befor comming here i also took the unity complete 3d dev courses. Curently im at the courses on dependency with scripts and i’m having a hard time doing the chalenges proposed by the teacher. in a way i love seing those new topics but i feel really clueless not being able to do the challenges.

is it normal not being able to do them ? so far i succed only 2 easy ones but those are bigmeat.

Welcome to the course, @Waldo-Chef-Gourmet!

Don’t worry, you won’t get every challenge the first time. (I didn’t get them all the first time, and my resume is slightly longer… as in, Reagan was President when I got started). The challenges give you an opportunity to stretch and think through the problem, and if we thought everybody would get them on the first go, we would save ourselves a lot of time not showing the solution.
Add to that that the solution that Rick or Sam come up with can often be only ONE of SEVERAL solutions (truth be told, when I took the course, before I became a TA, I was able to do most of the challenges, but not necessarily in the same way Rick or Sam did them).

Celebrate the challenges you ace. Learn from the ones you don’t. I usually recommend to new students that they go through the course materials twice. Once to learn, and then another time to apply. That second go round, some of those challenges should start making a bit more sense, re-enforcing what you learned in the first go round.

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Thanks ! I do understand the “why” but yeah, overtime with practice ill probably understand beter the “how” and “when”. I also agree i feel like programming is a lot like personnal interpretation of a context and situation of saying the same thing. Like learning a New language and saying the same story a different way

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