New spin on "Brick Breaker" I call it "Brick Buster",


All artwork and animation is my own design.
I’ve added sound effects and music for a better experience.
Also I’ve written two scripts to give some excitement to the game


Hi I played your game and I think you should change the collider of the Paddle because I have came to this situation twice.


I made some changes to prevent the ball loop. I thought I fixed the problem after playing through the game a few times. After publishing it, I ended up in the same situation. I worked out the problem and will post the game again
thanks for the input.


I really enjoyed playing this. The visual design was very distinct, and the speed was just right, including the speed of the spinning paddles. That was such a great idea.

My only criticism is that it’s hard to tell where the bounds of the level are. There are black vertical bars on either side that blend in with the background. That was annoying to deal with. I don’t know if it’s just the way it loads on the website, or part of the game itself. Everything else was great.