New particle prefab not triggering as existing one did

Hey folks,

I grabbed a particle effect off the Asset Store I liked, for Rocket Boost, and though I’d be able to drop it right into the Serialized Field in place of the one available through the course. Unfortunately, doing so doesn’t trigger it correctly.

I’m really not sure what I’m doing with this, but I wonder if it has something to do with the nature of the prefab?

In the hierarchy:


Serialized Field:


I did notice that when going to select the effect, I can chose from the parts of particle… parts (not sure what they’re called!) of the prefab.


Any help is much appreciated!

Hi Brad,

First of all, make sure that you really assigned the particle systems from your Hierarchy, not your Assets folder.

Then test your particle systems in the scene by selecting them in the Hierarchy and by clicking on the Play button in the Scene view (not the Play button at the top of Unity!).

Is “Play On Awake” enabled for all of them?

Hi Nina,

Thanks for the quick response. It’s definitely from the Hierarchy, when I click on the item in the script it highlights in the Hierarchy.


I’ve checked the particles play in the Scene view, which they do:


And Play on Awake is ticket - although has an * next to it…


Hover your mouse over Play On Awake. Does the tooltip reveal anything about the asterisk?

Also add a Debug.Log to your code to see whether the particle system game object gets set to active whenever you press the “thrust” key on your keyboard.

You could also comment out the enabling/disabling lines to see if the particle system works when it is not affected by your code.

Remember you can also look at the lecture code changes via the link in the Resources of each lecture.

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