New ideas for Unreal Engine and C+ course

Hello Ben and Sam,
If you don’t mind, then I am having a few more ideas that I think should be there in the course:

  1. Create and shape advanced vehicles in UE4.
  2. Can you teach us how to give a new look to our game and design cool games like Need for Speed and GTA (Grand Theft Auto).

I am just beginner to the course so please don’t mind if I have included something that you have already covered.

Suvid Singhal


Mechs, Mechas and Robots !!! Multiple weapons, weapons groups, part damage, pard destruction, torso twist independent from legs (move one direction, shoot another), multiple targets, target log, move hands arms independent from torso, 2 legs mechs, 4 legs mechs, 6 leg mechs.

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For the torso, arm and hand movement independent from the legs:

Look into Animation Slots (pretty easy in the animation blueprints, dont know about C++).
You can assign bones from the animated skeleton to a slot (e.g. called “torso”, containing the upper spine, arms, head etc.), and then tell it to play one animation (the head looking up), while another slot (the legs and pelvis) plays a different anim (e.g. running to the right).

You can easily swap the running anim, without having to adjust the other slot at all. Unreal blends it for you automatically.

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