New Face from Vertices (F)

I have marked the four vertices on the thumb tip and I have pressed ‘F’, but no new face appear!

What can I do?

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Yes, strange indeed. How many vertices are counted by Blender stats bottom right?
Just to test, does extrude still works?

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Thank you for your answer! In the Status Bar Scene Statistic it counts 4 Verts.
The extrude ‘E’ works. If I press now the right mouse button and try to make a face with ‘F’ it works! Hurrah!!!
A miracle?

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:innocent: maybe. My idea is that in the beginning of understanding Blender. Buttons are pressed in the wrong panel, wrong order or strange combinations. And then Blender does strange unexpected things.

Hot-keys are nice, but when pressed there is sometimes no feedback on what happened. But the state of Blender changes, acting strange.

Glad it worked out. Have fun.

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