New Enemies - non Ethan

Hello All

I was wondering about making Enemies that dont use Ethan at all. I have several asset packs that came with other models, animations and controllers.

I popped in one of the test characters and added the UI socket and the Projectile Spawn Point. Next I added the other components from our main enemies: rigidbody, capsule collider, nav mesh agent, enemy script, AI controller and Third Person Character.

When I play the game, my Player and the Enemy do a funny dance and the animations are all ******** up. When I disable the Third Person Character script I get a better result, the enemy does a single animation while moving towards me. He wont face me which I am finding to be an issue but I do know if this is a result of the AI script or not.

Has anyone had any luck creating an Enemy using something other than Ethan like we did for the player character?

A couple of tips:

  • On the model (in the Project folder), click on the Rig tab and make sure that it is set to Humanoid (rather than Generic). Under the Animations tab, uncheck “import animations”.

  • The new enemy should have an Animator component (you didn’t mention it in the list of components). This is going to use the ThirdPersonAnimatorController but do not use Ethan’s avatar. There should be an avatar packaged with the model you are using. Find it and drag it in to replace the Ethan avatar.

  • Somwehere (on the Animator?), you may have to uncheck “Apply root motion” unless it already says “handled by script”.

Thanks @Anthony_Juarez

I completely forgot to uncheck “import animations” this time. In the future I would love to replace the Third Person Controller with one of my own utilizing all the animations I have collected.

Everything works with his movement but I have another issue with the projectile. Even tho the Projectile Spawn Point is directly over the BadGuys head the projectile shots (with new trail renderer) are coming from a place far away from the BadGuy. I recorded a shot video, here is the dropbox link.

Nevermind, figured out the problem. The Empty Parent was off by a mile, not sure how it happened. It was just happening on that one enemy.

Thank you so much for responding to my post

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