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Hey @ben, just as a follow-up from the Facebook post, my thoughts were along the lines of…

  • having another sub-forum for a remastered course of the same subject (e.g Unity) I believe will make the forum complication to use
  • if the existing sub-forum (e.g Unity) had it’s description updated to include the name/link to the remastered course on Udemy they would be in the same place - however…
  • the tags that are already in place would then be potentially incorrect, e.g S03 Text101, where-as in a remastered course this could be something completely different.
  • having a second set of tags S03 / S04 / S05 etc would get around the specific name of the tag issue, but then would look awful from a structure perspective in the forum and lead to further confusion (I think).
  • having only S03 / S04 / S05 as tags (without description) would enable the sharing of the tag but then the category of posts would be mixed and again lead to confusion (I think)

Just wanted to make a note somewhere of what I was thinking when I popped my brief thought on the Facebook group page, not trying to be a Buzz Killington

This is a significant enough a point, combined with the fact projects are easy to dream-up, to put me off the idea of a remake.

@staff note.

Hmmm… I wasnt trying to be a nay-sayer and pooh pooh the idea, just wanted to be sure that the idea would fit the forum? Or, the forum could adapt to support it etc.

I guess the same issye would arise if it were a completely new Unity course, lets say one covering intermiediate or advanced topics. You still have the issue of having two sub-forums for Unity or, one but with the categories having to be differentiated.

I would imagine most people would expect to see all of Unity in the same sub-forum, as there may be cross over between the courses which wpuld be a bit odd if they were in separate sub-forums becaude it was in a different course.

That said, a separate sub-forum keeps things tidy from the course perspective. Uts all going to depend perhaps on the focus of the forum (s), is it for “topic” or “course”. Initially/now its both but as soon as a second course is created for the same “tooic” I think thats where the confusion/thinking will need to come in to play.

VR and Certification work separate at the moment I think because they are effectively separate topics (and courses obviously).

A subsequent Unity course could have separate categories, for example ADS01 (advanced section 1) but you would probably want to name them so that they were listed together under the sub-forum names in the main forum. Of course, potentially the more courses for the same topic and thus more categories means that list is going to ger very long, which isnt ideal either.

Again, just some thoughts…

I think the medium-term goal is to have 10 top-level categories corresponding to the 10 huge courses of the 2020 vision.

We’ll nail this down after the RPG Kickstarter is delivered, when we’ll be more sure about this 9 course structure.

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