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@GavinMilroy when do you expect to release some new content?

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Very soon, within the next week. Sorry for the delay, just been ironing out the prototype/lessons for S2 and updating previous lessons in S1.


Thanks, it will just save me checking the site a few times everyday. But i’ll start checking again tomorrow.

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Doing a code review tomorrow morning with the team before moving onto recording the actual course content. Stay tuned!

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Looking forward to it.

You’re the man Gavin, now I have next week off for holiday, do you think you can roll out the entire course by then?:grin:

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@GavinMilroy great course so far! One really useful feature would be to have a thread on here, perhaps locked to admins only, when you announce rolling out new content. That way those of us who are caught up to you don’t have to manually check every time to see if new content is available.

(If there is some way to get notifications about new lessons/modules as they roll out, would be great to make that clearer in the course!)


Nice suggestion Michael, I’ll see if I can make this a thing!

Hope you have all had a great Xmas + New Year.

I’ve been wanting to pump out new content since the start of the new year but I’ve been dealing with a terrible cold that makes me sound like darth vader! Hoping to start push out the new lessons tomorrow. Certainly will be this week!

Thanks for being an awesome group of students, stay tuned!

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