New Barrel Socket problem

Hi Ben

I have created new barrel class but it cant find barrel socket whicj i have created on Tank static mesh…
When i am trying to hange socket from None it says Select a different Parent Socket - cannot change socket on inherited componentes
What am i doing wrong here?

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Having exactly the same issue!!

Hello Wilku, i’ve found the solution. After 24 hours of going mad and not founding any solution on internet ive randomly found the solution. The interface appears to have a bug, u need to have both the Detail tab and the Component tab showing at the same time, that way the sockets work. If you use another layout setup like me, and u dont see both tabs at the same time, boom it doesn’t work. Hope it helps bro, that bug was annoying me aswell!


Thanks mate… :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue now, and nothing helps :frowning:

Deleting the barrel socket from the turret and creating a new one helped!

Did you remove the Barrel static mesh from the turret “Barrel” socket?

That’s what I just had to do, remove the static mesh on the turret socket “preview” window. Otherwise I couldn’t get the static mesh to stay on in the new component.
turns out this only fixed it temporarily, the barrel mesh still disappears after I relaunch.

I deleted the the component off of the turret. Selected the Turret and re-added the component. This seemed to work for me.