Netcode warning

[Netcode] Runtime Network Prefabs was not empty at initialization time. Network Prefab registrations made before initialization will be replaced by NetworkPrefabsList.
UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning (object)

Is anyone else getting this warning? It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything at the moment. The game runs fine.

Hi Velcronator,

We have a patch coming for this.
In netcode 1.5.1 they made a change in that you no longer drag the networked prefabs into the network manager.
You now have to create a scriptable object list (right click menu and netcode) and add the prefabs to that and add the prefab SO to the network manager.

Its a warning probably if you updated to netcode 1.5.1 and had the network prefabs in there and havent changed over to the SO but if you try and do it now it wont let you.

I get this warning even with the new version. It has automatically created the scriptable object with the prefabs and assigned it to the list in the Network Manager. The scriptable object is the only thing in the network manager. But it doesn’t affect anything, so I’ve been ignoring it

Thanks Guys for the reply.

I’m just using the 1.4.0 Netcode. Interestingly it was automatically created and assigned just as bixarrio’s did.

Since it’s not creating any problems at the moment I’ll just carry on.

Thanks for another great course.


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