Net Breaker - I will be happy to hear your opinion about my game

Hi! Here is my dark-themed, “old school” and hard enough to enjoy it game Net Breaker:

It has 2 little troubles. First - is about ball loops. Yep, I implemented Random Factor, played with it. Ball loops can be like that:

Sorry for this. I did everything so that this defect manifested itself as rarely as possible, but it still happens. I also need to do the next parts of this amazing course, so I’ll put it aside for now.

The second problem is with screen resolution on ShareMyGame website. Unfortunately, you can not see your Points, and information about music used in-game (I will add it in the description at ShareMyGame).

How Start Menu looks at ShareMyGame . com:

How Start Menu looks at Unity Editor:

How the Levels (Level 1 for example) looks at Share My Game . com:

How it looks at Unity Editor:

Can anybody please tell me what am I doing wrong? Maybe I must do something with anchors and pivot points?
Here is the configuration of my Canvas:

Here is the aspect ratio:

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Also, I learned the basics of Piskel (software for drawing pixel art images and sprites). Installed it, and here what I did exclusively for this game:

Surveilance Camera

Feel free to download these images and use for your own purposes!

P.S. It took a while before I made conspectus of the “Block Breaker” module (and all Unity Docs which was linked in the module), so this is the reason of too long development period.
Next modules will be learned with much shorter note-taking.

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Maaan I love the style of this game! You did great!
It would be easier if we had more lives though, it’s really tough to play all the levels and they. are. gorgeous.
It so cool that you added a “stage” selection for that.

Good job!

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Thanks a lot for this review! :smiley:

Great work! And I particularly like the idea of having background art that ties in with the tiles, very neat, going to steal that idea in some game :smiley:

My constructive crisicism is that the game is a bit too hard for me. The first levels really are nice in the sense that they increase the difficulty, but I really rely on the level selection part to see the rest of your game. Maybe slow down the ball a little, or make the paddle wider? Extra lives would also work.

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Thank you for your reply!

My constructive crisicism is that the game is a bit too hard for me.

Yep, I should have made a slider with difficulty levels. This Net Breaker game is extremely hard, and I know it. Sorry.
Before I finally decided on the concept of the game, I played the games made by the course participants.
I understood, that most parts of them are good, but not challenging at all. So, I made a challenging game. Fast-paced, with a little number of blocks and aim on controlling skill + player reaction.

In my defence, I will say: the game should have been much more difficult, but I decided that it would be too much even for me :see_no_evil:

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One of the most interesting designs I have seen. I also like the choice of levels, so even you do not have many lives, you can choose a lvl and come back to the one you’ve lost. About the screen size and the random ball…We are all just learning plus I didn’t notice and “boring loop”. The screen size did bother me, tbh. So, I hope you fix that because it honestly would benefit the game immensely. Other than that - great job!

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I totally agree with you! Screen size needs to be fixed in future. In Unity it works correctly. but when it comes to uploading on - it has some troubles.
I hope what somebody who knows where is the problem with the screen resolution on the web-version of the game will reply here with a solution or some hints.
Now I working with Lazer Defender. About Net Breaker - there are many cool ideas, such as the interactive environment where the player can win with 1 or 2 hits on the main object (main PC/server/node/etc.)…

Thank you very much for such a positive constructive review!

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