Negative Scale

I’m following along with Grant and I am at the point where I need to apply scale to all items so we can get them all on the same UV Map. When I applied the scale, I noticed my belt got deformed. I hit undo and checked the scale. My belt had negative scale!

If I apply the multi resolution modifier, it removes the issue when I scale. My question - I noticed that Grant has NOT applied these yet. Will it cause issues later on in the course if I apply this for the belt now?

If yes, if there a quick and easy way to fix the negative scale on the belt so that when I apply scale, it does not deform?

Most simple action is to save your project under version one.
The save again with a new version number where you apply modifiers.
It is not a problem to do it now. And if problems arise you can copy the belt from the old version.

But that strategy does not solve the problem you have. The question is why your solution does this.

  • Are the mesh normals of you belt object pointing outwards?
  • Do you use a mirror modifier on the object? And what is its mirror axe?
  • Change the sequence of the modifiers if you have more modifiers on the same object.

Can you show a screen dump of this behaviour?
When applied scale, try to scale it back, in EDIT mode. Select all vertices and do for example sx-, scale on the x-axe inverted.

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