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Edit: I wasn’t able to get myself to quit, so I kept digging, and I THINK I’ve figured out my problems. I’m not sure what fixed what, but I had to get Visual Studio Integration Plugin installed, and then I had to close the Unreal Editor (NOT Visual Studio) and do a build. That succeded, and then I had to close BOTH Visual Studio AND the Unreal Editor, launch the Unreal Editor, and then the MovingPlatform class was there. Double-clicked that, and it opened Visual Studio, and I was able to get things working. Builds now succeed, and objects remain in game. I did a LOT of troubleshooting, so I’m not sure what fixed what, but it is working once that plugin is setup and in sync.

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This is the point where I got tired of having to lookup all the differences in UE5 and google so much to get my editor and project in line. Not to mention, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Some say you MUST have the Visual Studio integration plugin from the EU Marketplace, and others say absolutely never install that. etc. etc. etc.

GaveDev.TV is generally really good at updating content, but I think this one has slipped through the cracks. I feel like enough has changed at this point that this one needs refreshed, and there needs to be a section detailing how to get the IDE setup.

At this point, I couldn’t get the code to compile, but I DID HAVE the MovingPlatform object in the world, and the code was as-directed. I was getting errors in library code (eg. “E1835 attribute “deprecated” does not apply here.” was complaining about the UE_DEPRECATED attribute used for the COREUOBJECT_API struct in BulkData.h)

I also lost all reference to the MovingPlatform object in the UE editor after restarting, and I couldn’t recreate it because a class was already using the name (did still exist in the project) but I couldn’t get it to show up in the editor because I couldn’t get a build to succeed. Since there was no guidance in the course, I spent about 30 minutes with google, divurged heavily from the course track, never did get it fixed, and decided it’s time to wait for GameDev.TV to update the course because I keep having to find answers outside the course, and it’s hard to keep up with a course AND troubleshoot the project at the same time. Having had to find and fix several problems with my editor setup and my visual studio setup this early in the course, I’m tired.

Please refresh this course. It’s one of very few multiplayer resources on the site. The only one for Unreal???

Thanks for your comments.
The course is an intermediate level course, not intended for beginners. This means you are already expected to be familiar with C++ and Unreal and have it installed. Without the background of both unreal and C++, you are going to quickly hit a wall. I usually suggest 2 years of C++ experience (real world, not college) and at least the UE beginners course as a starting point.

If you are just starting out, I would suggest the beginners unreal course. This will at least cover the basics of UE and C++ at a more beginner level.

The multiplayer theory in this course is still relevant and while there are deprecated calls (deprecated is not gone - they still work) which also applies to the old input system too, the course is not too out of date. Someone who could consider them having a modest level of knowledge in UE and C++ can adapt to the differences. This is not to say the knowledge here couldn’t be doing with a bit of a refresh but it will never be covered in a beginners course.

I hope this clears things up for you. Now, back to the deprecated attribute. Most attributes now have getters and setters so usually it is a matter of swapping them out and if your code editor is set up corrextly, intellisense will be able to show you what is available.

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