Need urgent help with communicating from a widget blueprint to the level blueprint


Communicating from a widget blueprint to the level blueprint

I trigger a button in the vr radial menu and want to control a level sequence with play/pause/reverse in the level blueprint. In the widget blueprint itself, it is only possible with creating level sequence player (full error when playing, probably a bug). In the level blueprint about “when key pressed” everything works great. I need to use a trigger via the radial menu. Unfortunately, I can not get a signal into my level blueprint with an event dispatcher in the radial menu of a button! In the forum ue answerhub ( this problem has apparently been solved, but I can not fully understand the described solution. Eventually, someone has a different explanation or screenshots of the solution. The first screenshot shows how I send the signal and the second one shows how it works but without arriving signal. Instead of using as a trigger the key “1” I want using the signal which uses the “event dispatcher” as shown in the first screenshot.

Here is the error message:


I got the solution for everybody who wants to know how I got solved it watch this video.


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